Why Become a Fairly Wild Member

By becoming a Fairly Wild member you are helping to create the demand that will drive change and result in higher standards for the treatment of wildlife.

When you become a Fairly Wild member, you are showing that you believe in the importance of the ethical treatment of wildlife.

By supporting us you are taking a stand against the poor treatment and exploitation of Africa’s wildlife and will be joining Fairly Wild and our members across the world in demanding improvements in the way that wildlife is viewed and treated within the tourism industry.

Without your support, Fairly Wild will not be able to have the impact required to apply sufficient pressure on the industry to create change. So, if you have used and appreciated the information that we provide, simply believe in what we are doing, or see the necessity of our certification, then share our vision and please sign up as a member.

The membership base helps us to continue to operate and certify ethically-run and managed organisations and provide both members and the public with reliable information.

Membership also gives you:

Special offers and discounts to specific Partner organisations.

A monthly email newsletter that features new Fairly Wild Partners, topical stories and current        lodge discounts and seasonal specials.