Over 500 000 wild animals per annum are exported from South Africa, and 80% of all hunting trophies from the continent come from South Africa.

When we think of Africa, we think of its wildlife. Yet it is the African wildlife that the tourism industry too often exploits, abuses and neglects in pursuit of profitable tourism. In order to turn a profit, the industry trades, hunts, butchers, cages, orphans and experiments on its most valuable resource. Fairly Wild wants this to end and by creating a network of accommodation providers who adhere to our Principles on the ethical treatment of wildlife, we are offering tourists ethical holidaying options, where they can be assured that their holiday destination is free from the terrors and abuses of the industry.

On this site you will find a collection of game lodges, hotels, bed and breakfast venues, and other tourism and accommodation destinations who, by being Fairly Wild Partners and receiving Fairly Wild accreditation, are guaranteed to treat animals in their care with dignity and respect.

If you are looking for an African tourist destination that adheres to strict ethical principles in the treatment of its wildlife, you will find it here. Take a look at how Fairly Wild is changing the industry, book a holiday through one of our Partners, and even better, become a member and support our cause to raise the awareness and understanding of ethical wildlife tourism in southern Africa and to encourage the southern African tourism industry to at all times consider the rights and dignity of its wildlife.

Fairly Wild… An Ethical View