A certified Partner is committed to the Fairly Wild Principles of ethical treatment stated below. A Fairly Wild Partner recognises the importance of valuing wildlife and biodiversity and operates in a manner that places minimal stress on wildlife and the environment. A Fairly Wild Partner:

1. Does not permit any hunting, whether commercial, recreational or green.

2. Will never harass, threaten or harm “nuisance” or “problem” animals – this includes the use of catapults, pellet guns, jackal traps, gin traps, poison or any other obtrusive or harmful means. If it is essential that action be taken, the animal can be relocated but only after all alternatives have been exhausted.

3. Will never place wildlife within cages, unless for medical attention, transportation or relocation, and then for only a necessary and reasonable duration.

4. Will never breed wildlife for commercial purposes and will never intentionally separate mother and young.

5. Will never allow or conduct experimentation of any sort on any wildlife.

6. Will never allow the capture of wildlife, unless essential, such as for the removal of “problem” animals as a last resort or for the relocation of wildlife in preference to culling.

7. Will only transport wildlife if it is essential. Transportation will be undertaken with the utmost care, taking every possible step to ensure that no animals are injured. Wildlife that is injured during transportation will receive necessary veterinary care as soon as possible.

8. Will address overpopulation issues using ethical and humane solutions such as contraception or relocation to a like-minded reserve. In the case that all other methods have been exhausted, culling will be considered as a last resort and then only for population control management. In the event that a cull is considered absolutely essential and is well substantiated by credible scientific research:

- It will be done as humanely as possible and it will be carried out in a manner that ensures it is as trauma free as possible for the target animal and for other wildlife on the property.

- Will only allow the cull to be carried out by a professional marksman or suitably qualified employee who receives remuneration for the act.

- The act of culling is to be carried out solely as a wildlife management tool and will not be used as a means of creating a revenue stream. Through the ethical use of the animal, such as using the meat for the pot or supplying meat to local communities, the organisation is entitled to receive payment. However, this revenue is never to be a factor in the decision to cull.

9. Will not offer guests any outside activities or products, and will endeavour to avoid associating with any tourism organisation that does not operate in line with the Fairly Wild Principles.

There may, on occasion, be instances in which a Partner fails to adhere to a particular principle, but retains its partnership status. In this special circumstance, details of and reasons for this will clearly be made on the Partner’s page allowing tourists to make the most informed decision possible.