What is a Fairly Wild Partner?

A Fairly Wild Partner is any organisation in the tourism industry: game reserves, lodges, accommodation, and tourist attractions, that has successfully applied for a Fairly Wild Certification. This certification offers an assurance that the organisation adheres to the Fairly Wild Principles in all aspects of their operations.

In the special circumstance that a Partner fails to adhere to one of the Principles, the public are made aware of this through a detailed explanation that also highlights the efforts made by the Partner to better the situation. The Fairly Wild members and the public can be assured that these organisations treat the wildlife in their care with compassion and respect.

All of our Partners are taking a stand and showing the tourism industry as well as local and international tourists that it is possible to run a successful, ethical operation in the wildlife tourism industry.

The Fairly Wild Feathers:

In addition to adhering to the Fairly Wild Principles, the organisation is afforded the opportunity to elaborate on any additional activities and policies they may have in place that further contributes to the ethical treatment of wildlife. This is represented through the Fairly Wild Feather system, a system of recognition that highlights initiatives beyond our core nine principles that organisations have in place to further protect the wildlife and natural resources under their care. The Fairly Wild Feather system comprises three broad categories: “Wildlife”, “Environment” and “Community” and cover anything from using cruelty free certified or earth friendly cleaning products, having an active anti-poaching unit, to actively addressing erosion and land degradation or encouraging and supporting local agricultural projects.

Our Fairly Wild Partners are run by like-minded people who consider ensuring the ethical treatment of wildlife a priority.