Become a Fairly Wild partner

A Fairly Wild certification is a statement about the ethos of an organisation’s owners, management and staff. It is also a declaration that the holder will enforce all of Fairly Wild’s Principles on the ethical treatment of animals on their land. In the instance that this is not possible, the public will be informed and reasons will be given.

Any organisation in the tourism industry is able to apply to become Fairly Wild Certified. An assessment panel made up of professional, non-biased individuals with expertise and experience in animal ethics and in the wildlife industry will review the application forms.

To apply for Fairly Wild certification, an organisation needs to:

» Show that it adheres to all nine of the Fairly Wild Principles. If any of the Principles are not adhered to, please explain why and tell us of your possible plans to rectify this or minimise any harm and suffering to the animals.

Request and complete an application pack that includes a detailed questionnaire and a request for information on current management practices and wildlife policies.

The Fairly Wild assessment team then reviews the completed application. The organisation is then provided with relevant feedback at the end of the review process and is informed whether the application is successful or not.