About Us

Stories of the African wilderness fill our imaginations and instil in us a desire to return to the bush to again be a part of its story. The giraffe and the zebra, the eland and the kudu and the hartebeest call for us to witness their glory and their struggle.

It is this glory, struggle and undeniable beauty that lures us to venture away from our cities and into the heart of Africa to see Africa as it has been since the beginning of time: wild and free.

This is Africa’s greatest asset.

At Fairly Wild, we want to make sure that Africa’s greatest asset is being protected, nurtured, and treated with dignity. We want southern Africa’s wild to be free, which is why Fairly Wild has dedicated itself to ensuring that southern Africa’s wildlife is appreciated in all its natural beauty and is treated ethically and with fairness.

We believe the only cries on the African landscape should be caused by the wilderness itself. We believe that the southern African tourism industry has a responsibility to ensure that tourists are visiting the African wild as it should be and not as an exploited industry that cruelly abuses wildlife for financial gain. We believe in Africa.